Work to cut back Himalayan intruder at Norfolk Broad continues

Work to control overgrown vegetation at Salhouse Broad will be completed this week.

The popular summer tourist spot has had problems with Himalayan Balsam, a plant not native to this country, dominating other vegetation and spilling over on to walkways.

Volunteers have been helping to clear the area in the last few months so that the invasive plant can be cut back sufficiently.

Countryside rangers at Salhouse Broad Tobi Baker and Adam Turner have been organising the work.

Mr Turner explained: 'We've got a problem with overgrown Himalayan Balsam, which can be quite invasive to the area around it so we have to strip it back.

'It is quite invasive and it is not native to the Broads, it was brought into the area, and we try to keep the area natural and how it should be.

'It was all down the main path at Salhouse and although it was not going to do any harm, the main reason we were doing it was to clear the area.'

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The large plant, native to the Asian mountain range from which it takes its name, flowers in a bright purple colour, but spreads quite aggressively.

Mr Baker added: 'It's quite an invasive plant and when it explodes it sends about eight seeds out and is really quite successful at spreading. It's a fantastic looking plant, that's why the Victorians brought it here, but they didn't realise the effect it would have on the surrounding area.'

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