'Gold' can won in Willy Wonka-style contest sparks dispute

Zelley jeweller BrewDog gold can Norwich

All that glisters isn't gold? Alistair Zelley with the 'gold' prize can. - Credit: Archant

A Norfolk winner of one of just nine 'gold' beer cans won in a brewery giant's competition is locked in a dispute over the prize's actual value.

BrewDog gold beer can Norfolk

The prize beer can - Credit: Archant

The account manager, who did not want to be named, took the BrewDog beer can prize straight to Alistair Zelley, of Zelley jewellers in Norwich for his opinion.

Mr Zelley has said it is gold plated and not solid gold.

BrewDog gold can Norfolk

Alistair Zelley with the beer can prize - Credit: Archant

The winner was shocked to be one of the lucky recipients of the prize.

She said BrewDog had originally stated the prizes were worth thousands each - and she had hoped to use it to help pay off her mortgage.

Zelley jewellers Norwich with BrewDog gold beer can

All that glisters is not gold? Alistair Zelley, of Zelley jewellers in St Giles Street, Norwich, with the 'gold' beer can prize. - Credit: Archant

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But when the can arrived, she couldn't find a hallmark and took it to Mr Zelley. 

It comes as other winners of the special beer cans across the UK have raised similar concerns over the prizes.

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Scottish-based BrewDog offered up nine 'gold' cans hidden in a case of its beer.

The firm stands by its valuation of the prizes.

BrewDog gold beer can Norfolk

The prize of a beer can in its presentation box - Credit: Archant

The Norfolk winner and others have now involved the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) to investigate further.

They had to buy a pack of 12 BrewDog Punk IPA and upload receipts to enter the competition. Winners were chosen at random by the firm.

The Norfolk winner said: "I wouldn't have bought the 12-pack but did it purposefully to enter the competition.

"I would have held onto the can but eventually did want to use it to pay off some of my mortgage. All I want now is a resolution."

Mr Zelley said the prize was thin gold plate on a brass, not aluminium, can.

"It was originally supposed to be a 24-carat gold can but it's 24 carat gold plate of about three microns thick - which is very thin," he said.

"There is no recoverable gold value, it is essentially a collector's item and worth what someone is willing to pay for it, there is no intrinsic value."

Mr Zelley has currently got the gold can on display in his shop window in St Giles Street.

BrewDog gold beer can Norfolk

The promotion for winning a 'gold' beer can. - Credit: BrewDog

A spokesman from BrewDog said any wording implying the can was real gold had been removed from competition details.

He said: "Importantly, the phrasing in question was never included in the detailed terms and conditions of the competition, nor in the wording informing the lucky winners of their prize."

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