Designer wedding dress outlet to open in Norwich

#SayYes is set to open in Norwich's Castle Quarter. Picture: Archant

#SayYes is set to open in Norwich's Castle Quarter. Picture: Archant - Credit: Archant

A new designer wedding dress outlet will be opening in Norwich.

#SayYes will sell discounted designer wedding dresses. Picture: Archant

#SayYes will sell discounted designer wedding dresses. Picture: Archant - Credit: Archant

#SayYes will be opening in the Castle Quarter, selling high-end wedding dresses for a fraction of their original cost.

Buyers for the store have purchased stock that is a season old, or the last in their size, in a bid to give brides a better deal and be more sustainable.

Portia Gray, media manager for the store, said: "The wedding dress industry sees so many new designs being produced every season, but very often they're not that dissimilar to what was out there the season before - it can be something as small as a change in lace.

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"We will be selling the dresses from previous seasons - meaning you could get a dress that was £1,800 a few months ago for £500.

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"With less expensive dresses you can sometimes tell that they're not as high quality. That's not what this is, they're the premium quality dresses."

The team will also be selling dresses on a more American-style model, meaning brides-to-be can enter the store and leave with a dress on the same day.

"We're merging the American and British market models," said Ms Gray. "The Americans want to be able to walk away with it on the day, whereas the British model relies more heavily on service. We want to offer a combination of both, so that if a bride is waiting to buy her dress because she's lost some weight or has run out of time to buy a dress she still gets that service."

The shop has also been designed to be Instragram-friendly - featuring flower walls and neon signs.

"The shop is aimed at the bride who is all over Instagram and Pinterest looking for what she wants - but is also savvy with her money," Ms Gray said.

"The other aspect of this is sustainability. There are so many dresses produced and not all of them get bought. If we can sell the ones that didn't find a home then that reduces any that might go to waste."

#SayYes will be opening on the ground floor of the Castle Quarter on January 25.