Watch: What a holiday on the Broads looked like in the 1960s

A boating holiday on the Broads at Wroxham in 1960. Screenshot: British Pathe/YouTube

A boating holiday on the Broads at Wroxham in 1960. Screenshot: British Pathe/YouTube - Credit: British Pathe/YouTube

Take a trip back to a boating holiday on the Broads in 1960 in this video from Britsh Pathe.

This delightful video about a 'Home-A-Float' from 1960 shows a holiday hire boat as it sails down the Norfolk Broads near Wroxham Bridge.

The video features the daughter of Donald Hagenbach, the designer of the boat, and her family. It was made to advertise the boats for the 60's holiday season praises their quality and ease to live on.

Hagenbach was inspired by home boats he had seen while travelling around the USA and together with a caravan manufacturer he came up with the idea for this floating home.

This 60's motorised houseboat named 'Flat-A-Float' reached speeds of 5 miles per hour and the video boasts the outboard engine meant there wasn't any vibration inside the boat. These models also included a gas stove and a living area.

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In the 60's houseboats could be hired from Hagenbach's Windboats yard in Wroxham for as little as £38 a week for four people. A week-long holiday boat hire today could set you back about around £600.

Since the video was shot, Windboats yard, now Windboats Marine has been developed and luxury yachts are manufactured there.

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