VIDEO: Former Dragon’s Den star Doug Richard urges small businesses to get online at Web Fuelled Business event in Norwich

Former Dragon's Den star Doug Richard was giving tips to small businesses on how to use the web to successfully grow their companies at an event in Norwich today.

The entrepreneur and School for Startups founder has teamed up with the Deparment for Business Innovation and Skills to run a series of 15 Web Fuelled Businees 'bootcamps' across the country highlighting how small businesses can exploit the internet to develop their company.

About 200 people signed up to the Norwich session at the King's Centre in King Street and as well tips on selling online, the workshops included how to drive marketing through social media, increase website exposure through search engine optimisation and procure and enhance supply chains through business-to-business websites.

'Our message is very specific,' Mr Richard said. 'We try to be upbeat about it and say that for small businesses this is stuff that will help you survive and prosper,' he said. 'Or to put it another way it say 'guys it's 2012 if you don't get your act together, you are in deep trouble'.