“The Twitter account was there to get me a job and 24 days later I got one” - Norwich man succeeds in his global appeal for work

An unemployed man who took his job search global on Twitter has found work - and believes he is close to securing a permanent position.

Father-of-one Gavin Wright, of Hellesdon, decided to market himself on the social networking site, under the name @needajobnorwich, after becoming fed-up of trying to find a job through more traditional methods.

And the 43-year-old said following a 'phenomenal' response, including contact from America and Malaysia, he has found a driving job with Jarrold's after 24 days of trying.

Mr Wright started in the position, organised by city-based OSR Recruitment, on Tuesday for an initial four days, which has been extended for another week.

He continued: 'The sad reality is I've applied for many, many positions in Norwich and you don't even get a reply, which I find very disappointing. Through the jobcentre they financed a forklift driving licence for me and provided me with as much support as I needed but I still felt there's a lot more they could possibly do.'

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But Mr Wright said he believed the service was largely constrained by finances.

He said: 'With Twitter you are interacting with people who own companies or formally own companies, they feel for you. I've heard some pretty heart-wrenching stories, it's not just me.

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'The Twitter account was there to get me a job and 24 days later I got one. I feel there will be something full-time in the next week or two.'

Mr Wright had been running Wright Distribution, a leaflet delivery company based in Camp Grove, Thorpe Hamlet, off Quebec Road.

But after that business closed, Mr Wright, who has a six-year-old son, took to the internet where he has more than 1,000 followers.

Scores of his posts were retweeted, in which other Twitter users share messages with their followers, including one from West Ham United co-owner David Gold, who at that stage had more than 49,000 followers.

Simon Bright, industrial and technical consultant at OSR, said he first read Mr Wright's story in the Norwich Evening News and was happy that, along with his colleague Tom Bayliss, they had found him work.

Mr Bright said: 'I was made redundant last year and like him I have a young son, so most acutely I felt Gavin's pain first and foremost.

'I am aware how hard it's been and I thought 'maybe I can help the guy, let's get him in, registered and see what we can find'.

'When I met Gavin, the first thing I was really struck by was his enthusiasm, which I thought was infectious, and the determination to get himself out of his own situation. If you can turn that into something you can give to an employer, then you have a very recruitable person.'

Mr Bright said it was 'brilliant' when they secured Mr Wright's short-term job.

But he said: 'My only disappointment is we've got something temporary so we are looking to get him something longer term.'

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