Leaving the loo seat up, talking too loudly and cheesy ringtones – the things that drive office workers mad

Talking too loudly, faulty technology and kitchen thieves were among the top office irrtatants. Pict

Talking too loudly, faulty technology and kitchen thieves were among the top office irrtatants. Picture: Thinkstock/Royalty-Free/Corbis - Credit: � Royalty-Free/Corbis

We all have that colleague who manages to get under our skin with their office etiquette, whether it be by talking too loudly, butting into conversations or making the room smell like last night's curry.

But what else grinds our gears during the working day?

Here is a list of the top 10 office irritants.

1. People talking too loudly. Colleagues chatting away at high volumes can be really off putting when on the phone or trying to focus on a task.

2. Annoying ringtones. There is always one member of the team who doesn't put their phone on silent and they always seem to have the cheesiest ringtone.

3. Computers crashing. Technology is great when it works but when it does not it can drive even the most patient to madness.

4. The kitchen thief. Most employees will have lost food from the fridge at some point in their career.

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5. Team members who don't turn up for meetings. It is always frustrating when you have been trying to pin someone down to bounce ideas off and then they no-show.

6. Use of office jargon. When used articulately jargon can illustrate a point but when repeated over and over again you can sound like David Brent.

7. Temperamental workers. Everyone has their moments but colleagues who let the stresses of the office adversely affect their moods can be an irritant.

8. Toilet etiquette. Using the bathroom after someone who leaves the toilet seat up, or a particularly unpleasant odour, can be a gripe when working with other employees.

9. The air conditioning. Everyone has their own ideal temperature but when the office is like a furnace or a freezer it is unpleasant for everyone.

10. Office gossip. Word travels quickly in a working environment and it is never nice to think someone is talking about you, or keeping something secret from you.

The list was compiled by property company Londonoffices.com.