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There are no companies announcing results w/c 26 December 2011.

Economic Diary

Economic announcements for the w/c 26 December

26 December, December House Price Survey – Hometrack and House Price Index, November – Nationwide (date not fixed at time of writing)

In the last few days of 2011, both Hometrack and Nationwide will reveal their latest housing surveys covering December, and will thus be able to give us their account of the UK housing market in 2011. Last month, Hometrack recorded a 0.2pc month on month fall, and a 2.3pc year on year fall. The Nationwide recorded a 0.4pc jump, and a 1.6pc year on year rise. Hometrack said that 2011 looks set to register the lowest level of housing turnover for 40 years - a trend which it expects to continue into 2012. The Nationwide focused on the interaction of demand and supply and warned that policy needs to strike a delicate balance, supporting demand and the supply side of the market.

27 December, US Consumer Confidence index, December – Conference Board

Of late, some of the news coming out of the US has been encouraging, but what about US consumer confidence? Is that showing signs of lifting too? Last month, the Conference Board index has consumer confidence rising from 40.9 to a four month high of 56.0. Although the reading for November was still very low, if December sees another improvement it will be greeted well by the markets.

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Other economic announcements include:

30 December

• Housing Equity Withdrawal, 2011 Q3 – Bank of England