The app aiming to add a little competition to training

Paul Gosnell has launched fitness app Fit Link. Picture: Paul Gosnell.

Paul Gosnell has launched fitness app Fit Link. Picture: Paul Gosnell. - Credit: Paul Gosnell

It started as an idea to help Paul Gosnell and his friends train for a sporting challenge but now his app, Fit Link, has been downloaded in 330 cities across the world.

The Norwich-based start-up enables people to share their performance on several fitnes-tracking programmes, including Strava, Run Keeper and Apple Health, with each other, on one platform – with leagues and a rewards system.

Mr Gosnell said: 'Activity trackers and wearable tech like Fit Bits are extremely popular but unless you are all using the same device or the same app, you are invisible to each other, and when it comes to training, knowing what others are doing, their pace, their distance, how regular and what time of day, is really important to help you benchmark and keep you motivated to train.'

He is now looking for investment and to form a team to get the app, which has more than 500 active users, to the next stage. It is already available in the Apple Store.

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