Norfolk Business Awards 2020: Tech Innovator winner

Beattie Passive is the winner of the Tech Innovator award Picture: Beattie Passive

Beattie Passive is the winner of the Tech Innovator award Picture: Beattie Passive - Credit: Archant

House builder Beattie Passive has been announced as the winner of the Tech Innovator award, sponsored by Computer Service Centre, at the Norfolk Business Awards 2020.

Beattie Passive is always seeking ways to work more efficiently and deliver the highest quality and standard of building, and is continually innovating to achieve that goal.

It has incorporated state of the art 3D modelling software into its build system, alongside Business Information Modelling, which spots and troubleshoots issues before building starts.

Continual innovation on its patented timber frame build technology has allowed the business to transition from a more traditional onsite build company to a predominantly offsite/modular build focussed company. The judges were particularly impressed by its most recent innovation, the Haus4 range, which is Beattie Passive’s answer to the UK’s homelessness crisis.

Designed for councils and housing associations which are looking for a quick and effective, yet high-quality solution, the homes are built entirely at the factory and then delivered to where they are needed most, with facilities installed and ready to be lived in within a matter of hours. The properties can then be taken down and moved on to other locations simply and efficiently.

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The commitment of the business to the use of technology to change the industry, and its passion to do so is an absolute credit to Beattie Passive. The way in which technology is leveraged here opens new opportunity and will certainly challenge the way people will think about the construction industry in the future.

“We’re delighted to have won this award,” said Ron Beattie, managing director. “We’ve worked really hard to develop our patented build system to improve its performance and applicability from onsite stick build through to complete modular.

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“We are committed to continually innovating to stay ahead of the curve and deliver the future of housing today. The system provides both new builds and retrofit solutions for social housing to self-build, all to the highest quality and can be built by anyone.

“So, it is brilliant to receive this award and really recognise the hard work put in by all of the Beattie Passive team.”


Computer Service Centre is a future-focussed tech company which has been delivering technical innovation to its clients for over two decades. With consistent and sustained growth, Computer Service Centre is the largest independent IT provider in Norfolk and North Suffolk.

Core services include delivering Enterprise Cloud solutions, which are hosted via Computer Service Centre’s own tier 3 data centre using the latest in Hyper Converged technology, along with support desk services 24/7/365 as an outsourced IT department. Additionally, providing advanced networking and hardware systems to traditional firms, as well as offshore and military installations, while having its own software development services.

Everything from the device in your hand to the website you may be reviewing, can be delivered by this full-circle provider.


Cornwall Insight

Cornwall Insight’s new CRM system offers the whole team the ability to see who is interested in them and what they’re looking for in the industry. It has also been fully integrated into the content marketing strategy to allow its team of analysts to easily see who is reading their reports, blogs and ‘Charts of the Week’.


Through a custom-engineered machine learning model, new app Snoop is able to work out exactly how much a consumer is spending on their utilities, household bills and financial services and can pinpoint their biggest money saving opportunities. The Norwich-based company brought forward its launch from June to April 2020 and was downloaded over 120,000 times in less than six months.

Zip Water

Millions of people use Zip Water’s systems every day in homes, workplaces, hospitals, schools and industrial buildings. In the last six months, the team has developed a range of touch-free solutions in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, including an adaptor for on-wall boiling products and touch-free solutions for its existing mains-fed water dispenser, HydroChill.

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