‘What has happened to freedom of choice?’ - Readers react to chalk protest outside shop that sells fur

The message "stop selling fur" was chalked outside a Norwich clothes shop. Photo: Abigail Nicholson

The message "stop selling fur" was chalked outside a Norwich clothes shop. Photo: Abigail Nicholson - Credit: Archant

The words 'stop selling fur' were chalked outside an independent country clothing store in Norwich.

The message appeared on the pavement outside family-run business Gallyons Country Clothing, on Bedford Street, to the dismay of staff.

An employee at the shop said: 'As a business we are very respectful of people and their views, we understand that not everybody is going to have the same opinion and that is just how the world works.

'We're hoping that people will give the same respect to our store as we are giving to them.'

Some readers, while not in support of fur itself, defended the shop and criticised the chalk protest.

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Michael Harnden said: 'I don't disagree with new fur being illegal/unnecessary, but what about the fur that's already out there.

'However, I think it's totally wrong to deliberately affect someone's livelihood, chain stores I get it, but one independent store is wrong.'

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Laura Smith also criticised the act, saying: 'Writing with chalk on a pavement is not going to shock anyone, provoke thought or change anyone's purchasing habits.

'If they want to change the world they'll have to be a little more articulate, target the correct audience and find some people skills.'

Debi Laws said: 'What has happened to freedom of choice. I personally wouldn't wear real fur but some people would. Surely that's their choice isn't it? Why do people feel they have the right to tell others what they can and can't do.'

Chris Powell said: 'Might pop to Greggs tomorrow morning and chalk 'stop selling vegan sausage rolls' just because I don't like them so surely everybody else has to share my view. That's how it works right?'

Stephen Wood argued with the message itself saying: 'Fur is functional, sustainable, biodegradable and environmentally friendly which is more that can be said to some of my fleeces which are over 30 years old and now unusable but impossible to find an environmentally friendly outlet for disposal.'

Other readers, however, strongly condemned the sale and use of fur.

To the point raised about freedom of choice, Nick Headland said: 'It involves the exploitation, torture and death of a third party. Do we allow people to do whatever they want regardless of the consequences?'

Rodge Smee said the message was: 'Hardly controversial, just true. We do not need to kill animals anymore for clothing.'

Beverley Joy said: 'Fur should be banned. Any decent company has stopped selling it. It's not necessary.

'People that wear it are selfish it belongs on the animal not them. Plenty of faux fur made from recyclable items if you need the look.'

Tracey Cooper said: 'I would imagine the animals from whom the fur was taken probably felt more intimidated [than the shop].'

And one website user commented: 'I'm inclined to think that fur looks best on the animal it was made from.'

At time of writing our poll - which asked 'Do you think shops should stop selling fur items?'- reflected a fairly even split in opinion with 51pc voting 'Yes' and 49pc 'No'.

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