'More substantial than a Scotch egg': Pub creates the 'Botched egg'

Picture of scotch egg with brown sauce on plate

Not a Scotch egg, but a 'Botched egg' being offered now on the menu at various pubs which are part of the Moss & Co brand including the Commodore in Oulton Broad and the Jolly Sailors in Pakefield. - Credit: Andy Rogers

From its humble beginnings as a motorway service station snack, the scotch egg has suddenly found itself as the mainstay of pub cuisine.

Part of its surge into centre stage came when new coronavirus rules dictated the sale of alcohol in tier two had to be with  a ‘substantial meal' - and environment secretary George Eustice said the Scottish staple would count as such. 

Man showing he is full after eating Scotch egg

Andy Rogers at the Jolly Sailors showing he's full after some of the 'Botched egg' dish. - Credit: ANDY ROGERS

Now pubs and restaurants across Norfolk and Waveney are creating their own versions of the hard boiled egg coated in breadcrumbs in different 'substantial meal' varieties.

Andy Rogers, general manager for Moss & Co which owns a number of pubs in Waveney including the Commodore in Oulton Broad, the Jolly Sailors in Pakefield, the Village Maid at Lound and the Bell at Carlton Colville, came up with the 'Botched egg.'

"It's a very substantial meal indeed. It's a well-cooked Scotch egg with a mixed leaf salad and a dash of HP sauce. We put it on a nice plate and we've called it a 'Botched egg'.

We are selling them on a special offer price of 75p each. People like coming in and having the 'Botched egg' and then they might have a few drinks with it. To be honest, it's so filling, they're too substantial to finish."

Rows of scotch eggs in plastic containers in basket

Scotch eggs being sold at the Wildcraft Brewery. - Credit: SIMON HUNTER-MARSH

The idea of having a Scotch egg with an alcoholic drink has taken off so much that at the Wildcraft brewery, Coltishall Road, Norwich, they are also selling them with their tipples as a takeaway.

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Mike Deal, director, has bought in a whole load of specially-cooked Scotch eggs made by local chef Simon Hunter-Marsh, with pork crackling on the top. "We started doing it tongue in cheek but actually they are selling really well," he said.

Picture of lady holding scotch egg on plate and beer in hand

Mia Keogh at the Pigs, Edgefield, with their version of a Scotch egg, so substantial it is a main dish. - Credit: SONYA DUNCAN

And then at the other end of the scale, totally reinventing the Scotch egg are venues like the Pigs in Edgefield.

The chef Michael Copeman has now come up with a really fancy version with black pudding, sticky smoked BBQ ribs, potted pork, ham hock terrine, smoked bbq beans, crackling, pickles and toast.

Katie Allen, at the Pigs, said: "It's so substantial you can have it as a main course as well as a starter. Some people are adding fries to it as well." 

picture of Scotch egg on a plate

The Scotch egg starter which is substantial enough to be a main course at the Pigs, Edgefield. - Credit: SONYA DUNCAN

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