Buy a former 1950s police station for sale for £330,000

Tuckswood Police Station. Pic: Dan Grimmer

Tuckswood police station, pictured when it was still in operation, is now for sale. - Credit: Archant

A police station and box in Norwich has gone up for sale with planning permission to be converted into three homes.

The two-storey brick-built Tuckswood police station and adjoining single-storey police box, built in the 1950s, are for sale.

City planners gave the go-ahead in 2019 for the police station, in Abbot Road, to be converted into one home, while the section box, which fronts Hall Road, would become another. A further new home would be added to the 0.2 acre site.

Meanwhile, another former police station, in North Lynn, but single-storey and built much later, has also gone up for sale for £200,000.

The former North Lynn police station, which could be demolished to make way for flats Picture: Goog

The former North Lynn police station, for sale for £200,000. - Credit: Archant

This former police station, in Le Strange Avenue, was possibly going to be demolished to make way for 10 flats. However, no planning permission was in the end sought and the property is for sale needing this for any redevelopment.

Referring to the Tuckswood police station, agents NPS Group said: "Full planning permission was approved for redevelopment of the site into three dwellings. This permission entails conversion of the existing buildings into two  dwellings, as well as construction of a third new build dwelling."

The same agents are selling the North Lynn police station, and said: "There is no planning permission associated with the site so interested parties are advised to contact the local planning authority directly to discuss any alternative planning use or site appraisals."

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The police buildings, like the one in Tuckswood, were declared surplus to the force's needs as part of an operational review in 2018, which led to the closure of the stations.

This miniature Police station to serve the outlaying and rapidly growing new housing estates at Tuck

This picture taken in 1953 shows the police box in Tuckswood built to serve rapidly growing new housing estates at Tuckswood, Lakenham and Cooper Lane at that time. This box forms part of the sale. - Credit: Archant library

Others, such as the former Bowthorpe police station, in Wendene, were also declared as no longer needed by the force at the same time.

Tuckswood Police Station. PIC: Peter Walsh

Tuckswood police station, when it was still in operation. - Credit: Archant

Tuckswood Police Box. Pic: Dan Grimmer

Tuckswood police box. - Credit: Archant

Last year Norfolk police also outlined plans for Holt police station, saying its demolition for new homes would save them £30,000 a year.

Police boxes were created to help the public call the police, before mobiles. Some boxes were more like telephone boxes, although usually blue and the most famous is the fictional one which became Dr Who's tardis. 

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