Piglets born at Norfolk’s Wroxham Barns

A proud mum has given a new meaning to the phrase 'bringing home the bacon' – giving birth to an impressive 14 piglets, pictured.

Lily the pig gave birth to 14 little piglets on Wednesday at the junior farm at Wroxham Barns, near Norwich and they have attracted plenty of admiration from visitors.

Youngsters were able to see the young pigs for the first time over the weekend as the sow and her offspring settled into a new piggery.

Eileen Calverley, farm manager, said: 'They are lovely and we have got a real mix – some are plain white, some black and white, some with spots, some with stripes.

'We have got one really small one who is the runt of the litter and we are topping him up with bottled milk, but other than that they are all fine and healthy and Lily is happy and getting plenty of rest.'

Lily was borrowed from a farmer in Cromer to give birth at Wroxham Barns in time for the Easter holidays. The attraction will hold onto the piglets for up to 10 weeks.

Meanwhile, a �325,000 investment scheme has transformed the junior farm to include a new undercover piggery, an indoor play barn for children and a new poultry house. There have also been improvements to the craft studios including Uncle Stuart's Brewery's new visitor centre.

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photos: james bass