Petitioners out on streets again to save Cromer Crab Company

Campaigners will be out on the streets again tomorrow morning, Saturday October 8, garnering support to save the Cromer Crab Company where 230 jobs are at risk.

And on Monday North Norfolk Radio will broadcast a one-hour special programme on the subject at 1pm.

Meanwhile the North Norfolk News' Claws Off campaign is attracting widespread backing as the community unites to persuade owners Young's Seafood not to close the town's Holt Road factory and move shellfish processing to Grimsby or Scotland.

Cromer Mayor Grey Hayman said he would be in Cromer High Street tomorrow morning collecting signatures on a Labour Party Keep It Cromer petition calling for the factory to stay open.

It has already been signed on paper by over 800 people while nearly 2,000 have signed an on-line version at

Mr Hayman met crab company managers today and described the encounter as 'very constructive.' He had come away with a greater understanding of the problems they faced, and management had told him that they were investigating all avenues and possibilities of restructuring the business.

He will also be meeting a committee of representatives from the workforce and management in the next fortnight.

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The level of public support for the factory - which has attracted the interest of Norfolk-born Stephen Fry - had made a huge difference by boosting staff morale and sending a strong message to the company that the industry was important and valued by the community as a strong and iconic brand, he added.

Mr Hayman urged everyone to buy more shellfish processed in Cromer in order to help the cause.