Pay rises again the norm in Norfolk, says Cooper Lomaz survey

A job seeker: More vacancies on offer

A job seeker: More vacancies on offer - Credit: PA

Pay rises are once again the norm in Norfolk and many candidates have the luxury of more than one job offer, according to a regional salary survey by independent recruiters Cooper Lomaz.

The annual survey takes statistics from 15,000 industry professionals in eight key sectors, with whom Cooper Lomaz has worked during the past 12 months. The company, which has offices in Norwich, Lowestoft and Bury St Edmunds, then compiles a snapshot of the regional employment scene.

'There are clear signs that the jobs market is moving well again now,' said operations director Mark Fletcher.

The survey shows that in sector after sector the number of vacancies flooding onto the skilled, professional and management role market in which Cooper Lomaz specialises, currently outstrips the number of people seeking work.

'We identified the start of this trend in last year's salary survey,' said Mr Fletcher. 'In some sectors the situation is now acute.

'While the number of vacancies has risen significantly, the number of available qualified people has not. In IT and sales and marketing the number of candidates has decreased. People seeking employment are getting multiple job offers and recruiters are having to work much harder and smarter to fill positions.'

The survey uncovered a wave of optimism in the employment market, with 53 per cent of companies having expanded in 2014. A similar number are expected to grow through 2015.

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Six out of 10 staff reported salary increases in 2014 – and two-thirds are expecting another boost this year.

'That is a real measure of the confidence we are seeing returning,' said Mr Fletcher.

Cooper Lomaz says the oil, gas and renewables field remains the top-paying sector, followed by IT and engineering.

To keep pace with burgeoning business confidence and a doubling of the number of vacancies advertised on its website, Cooper Lomaz has expanded its own workforce over the past 12 months.

'We have also extended our reach over the past year, acquiring new clients throughout the UK and internationally,' said Mr Fletcher.

'One of the challenges our industry is facing is that companies haven't hired enough graduates over the past five, six or seven years,' said Mr Fletcher.

'As people move on through age or promotion, companies are experiencing a skills shortage. There is a real need for employers to be willing to train younger people. They also need to work hard to keep their best employees.'