Despite polls, Norwich can compete with York for likability. Here is why

Elm Hill, Norwich. Picture: ANTONY KELLY

Elm Hill, Norwich. Picture: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: Archant

A YouGov poll has revealed that York is considered the most liked city in the UK by 55,000 people.

York Minster. PHOTO: Nigel Pickover

York Minster. PHOTO: Nigel Pickover - Credit: Archant

Norwich came 24th in the rankings – however there are some things our humble city can compete with York in...

The football team: Only the most diehard York City fans could argue watching the National League team compares to a day at Carrow Road.

The independent retail: Sure, York has its whimsical shops and cafes, yet it doesn't quite match up to the plethora of independent stores in the award-winning Norwich Lanes.

Norwich Cathedral. PHOTO: Lesley Buckley

Norwich Cathedral. PHOTO: Lesley Buckley - Credit: Lesley Buckley

The Elizabethan street: York is home to The Shambles, a picturesque and ancient street of Elizabethan buildings. In Norwich, Elm Hill's old school charm has made it the set of many films and television series.

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The national park: The North York Moors National Park is within easy distance of York, much as the Broads National Park is within easy distance of Norwich. One of these is less cold and windy than the other.

The history: York is known for its history, including as stronghold of Viking power, explored at JORVIK Viking Centre. Norwich too was a place of significance historically, and has more medieval churches than anywhere in Europe.

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The walls: York has more miles of intact wall than any other city in England. Norwich is also proud of its medieval walls.

The celebs: Dame Judy Dench and Vince Cable both are from York, while Stephen Fry and Jake Humphrey were born in the Fine City.

The cathedral: The 235ft York Minster probably pips Norwich Cathedral as a landmark. At least we have Delia Smith!

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