Limited edition tea-infused Easter Eggs a smash in lockdown

Marcela Costa with one of her limited edition Easter Eggs

Marcela Da Costa with one of her limited edition Easter Eggs - Credit: Marcela Costa

A Norwich chocolatier is bringing a regal theme to Easter this year. 

Brazillian entrepreneur Marcela Da Costa launched her business The Emporium last year, specialising in brigadeiros style confectionaries - a recipe which uses condensed milk and cocoa to make a caramel-like effect chocolate. 

Despite the initial setback of trying to register her Norfolk business while being locked down in Brazil - Ms Da Costa has seen her order numbers grow and hopes to open a shop in the city centre in the future. 

And her limited edition Easter Eggs have caused a stir online as she announced the launch of her tea-infused creations based around a royal theme. 

The Palace Easter Egg is dark chocolate infused with smoke Earl Grey, while The King is a Royal blend tea with white chocolate, and the Queen Victoria - a Victoria grey tea mixed with milk chocolate. 

Inside The Emporium's Limited Edition Easter Eggs

Inside The Emporium's Limited Edition Easter Eggs - Credit: The Emporium

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She said: "I've only made 35 of each type of egg and already a few have sold. Ever since I launched my business the community in Norwich and across Norfolk has been so positive. 

"I never really saw myself as owning a business when I moved to England five years ago. My mother lives in Norwich and she was always making sweets when I was growing up - I never really considered I could make family recipes into a business here."

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However with the birth of her daughter in 2019 Ms Da Costa took a step back from working in catering for the NHS in favour of a role where she could also look after her daughter. 

Marcela Da Costa and her Easter eggs

Marcela Costa and her handmade Easter eggs - Credit: Marcela Da Costa

She said: "I actually found it really took off when I started sharing more of my life. What it was like behind the scenes making chocolate as well as a bit about me and my daughter, for example.

"The business has just built really steadily. I'm seeing more collaborations come in which we will be launching in the near future - an ice cream maker in Great Yarmouth is one, for example. 

Inside the speciality Easter collection from The Emporium

Inside the speciality Easter collection from The Emporium - Credit: The Emporium

"I think it has gone so well because we can deliver across the UK but also thanks to the quality of our chocolate. I use Callebaut which is a very high-quality chocolate and then try to use local suppliers as much as I can alongside that."

The Emporium's Easter collection

The Emporium's Easter collection - Credit: The Emporium

Ms Da Costa sells the majority of her stock through her Facebook page, Emporium Norwich, and is working on an online shop. 

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