Norwich car hire firm issues holiday warning

Steve Dennis

Steve Dennis - Credit: Archant

A Norwich car hire broker is warning travellors to avoid pricing scams ahead of the first major holiday of the year at Easter.

Enjoy Car Hire, based in Magdalen Street, has been acclaimed nationally, including on Martin Lewis's influential website, for its transparent pricing policy.

However director Steve Dennis said too many families were still falling foul of bogus headline rates when booking a car for their break abroad.

He said: 'There are companies out there offering car hire for £7 a week in Spain, but on arrival you might find you have to pay 90 euros for a mandatory tank of fuel - a vastly inflated price - and perhaps costly insurance on top of that. Then if you bring the car back with half a tank of fuel left, you just lose that money.'

Mr Dennis said they were proud to have 'broken the mould' by ceasing to work with these rental companies that misleadingly minimised their headline rates to get their deals listed near the top of price-comparison websites.

However, he said it regrettably seemed to be part of the English mentality not to question deals that were obviously too good to be true.

After making the stand about 18 months ago, rentals for Enjoy Car Hire initially dropped, but since customers had grown to trust the pricing policy it had gone from success to success.

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Mr Dennis, who has a team of four in Norwich, including a German representative, said annual rentals had grown from 4,000 six years ago when they first started up to nearly 100,000.

He said: 'Rentals for the first three months of this year alone have eclipsed the figures for the same period in 2014 and we are already massively on target to break 100,000 this year.'

The company, which also employs staff in Europe with bases in Slovenia and Estonia. is still steadily increasing the number of countries it operates in to about 50.

'We started in Australia at the start of the year and hope to soon move into New Zealand and South Africa,' he said.

They were also planning to enter the French market and were preparing to translate their customer information and possibly employ a French speaker in Norwich, he added.

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