Norwich based agency Fountain expands into London

Fountain Partnership team Photo by Simon Finlay.

Fountain Partnership team Photo by Simon Finlay. - Credit: Archant Norfolk

Norwich-based digital marketing agency and EDP Future 50 member, Fountain Partnership, has continued its rapid expansion by opening a new office in Haymarket, London.

The Palace Street-based company, which started with two founding directors in 2009, has grown to a staff of 12, doubling its turnover each year.

And with two new key clients already secured in London, directors believe they will soon need to further add to their workforce.

Creative director Marcus Hemsley said the secret to their success was their 'evidence based marketing', providing a cost-effective service tailored to the particular needs of each client.

He said: 'Marketing budgets can be seen as a 'black hole' of spending for many businesses. Ask any room of business owners who has lost money on marketing projects and most hands will be raised.'

They had vowed 'to do marketing differently', he said, applying a three-stage approach to digital marketing.

'First, we work with the client to define a strategy, based on the number of leads, sales or customers they want to attract,' he said.

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'The strategy could involve a range of different tools, including search engine optimisation, paid search channels and social media advertising. Before launching fully into the strategy, the second stage is called 'proof of concept', a small-scale trial of the strategy rolled out over a three to six month period.

'Once the proof is on the table in black and white, the final stage is 'growth', enabling clients to scale up the strategy to achieve their goals.'

He said examples of their success included the prestigious London event space, Banking Hall, which had received £2,500,000 worth of inquiries from a marketing spend of £20,000; meanwhile, the national estate agents franchise, EweMove, had enjoyed a 620pc increase in conversion rate and a radical reduction in their cost per lead.

Mr Hemsley said: 'We're looking for evidence that digital marketing strategies will work – there's no leap of faith required. This is the closest you can get to risk free marketing.'

Fountain's approach has served the company well locally in Norwich, as well as working remotely for clients around the UK and internationally.