Energy giants compile playlist to relieve climate crisis fears

Vattenfall is soothing people to sleep with their new playlist on combatting climate change

Vattenfall is soothing people to sleep with their new playlist on combatting climate change - Credit: Stellan Stephenson

After a long day at work - be it in the spare bedroom or elsewhere - there's nothing better than sitting back, putting on some good music, and relaxing. 

And one playlist which is now on Spotify aims to not only help you destress but more importantly, help you feel calmer about a major global issue. 

A wind farm giant has put together a playlist to soothe people worried about climate change.

Vattenfall has created a playlist of seven tracks to calm listeners while also providing them with some information about engineering work being carried out across the world to combat the crisis.

The Swedish energy giant surveyed 14,000 adults across seven of its key markets to look at how climate change was portrayed in the media.

The data found that almost seven out of ten people surveyed state that they are worried about the climate.

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Two out of three people surveyed believe that companies and governments have the greatest opportunity to lead the development towards a fossil-free future.

Vattenfall is talking people through the climate crisis

Vattenfall is talking people through the climate crisis - Credit: Stellan Stephenson

This then informed which topics would be featured in the tracks and how. 

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Paul Morel, brand strategist at Vattenfall said: “We see very positive things happening at Vattenfall, but we don’t talk about them enough.

“We wanted to share more about how we are making progress towards fossil-free living within one generation. We’ve compiled these tracks to both provide information and peace of mind on this pressing issue.

“We still have a long journey towards fossil free living, but now you can listen to how far we have come.”

The playlist, which is an hour long in total, features tracks including 'Making Waves' and 'Working with the Wind'. 

Vattenfall is currently working with stakeholders across East Anglia to bring two windfarms - Boreas and Vanguard - to the region. 

The farms - when measured together - could power a total of 3.9 million homes. 

Progress on the wind farms have temporarily been halted after the high court overturned a planning permission after it was raised by a Reepham man

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