New Norwich wellness platform backed by blogger Carly Rowena

Liza Koroleva (left) will be running the Superself sessions out of Erpingham House (right). Picture:

Liza Koroleva (left) will be running the Superself sessions out of Erpingham House (right). Picture: Liza Koroleva and Archant. - Credit: Liza Koroleva and Archant.

A new wellness platform backed by fitness blogger Carly Rowena is coming to Norwich.

Superself is a social media project aimed at increasing wellbeing, as well as holding regular wellness events.

The project began as a university study by final-year NUA student Liza Koroleva, who having interned in London realised Norfolk wasn't capitalising on the wellness boom.

She said: 'In London everyone was always talking about the new yoga trend or the latest smoothie. I realised in Norwich there wasn't really a platform which brought that together.'

Superself will post informative wellness videos, as well as inspirational quotes and educational reading lists on self-help books.

It is also holding its first event next month, at Erpingham House in Norwich.

The day is aimed at mums, and will include a yoga session, massages, essential oils masterclasses, and wellness workshops.

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The day has been organised around the six wellness 'dimensions' identified by academics: occupational, physical, environmental, intellectual, spiritual and emotional.

The session has already sold out at £50 a ticket for the session from 9am to 3pm.

Miss Koroleva approached youtuber and blogger Carly Rowena to join the project as she was a new mum.

Miss Koroleva said: 'I knew Carly was a new mum and so this event seemed perfect for her to get involved in. I approached her and she really wanted to get on board.'

Although only one wellness event has been booked, Miss Koroleva would love to expand her client base.

'I'd like to do an event on wellness for men,' the 20-year-old said. 'I think there's not a lot of talk about wellness in men and it's something that should be addressed more often.'

She continued: 'I think it's so important to focus on wellness because it often gets forgotten about. People are so focussed on looking good that they forget health is really about feeling good.

'The link between being fit and healthy and mental wellbeing is so obvious, and yet people seem to only focus on fitness.'