Norfolk students win top prize in JCB contest

Students from Norfolk came out top of the class as six educational establishments went head to head in a series of engineering challenges.

Young engineering students took part in the annual vehicle performance competition, which is organised by the Institute of Agricultural Engineers (IAgrE).

The teams, which were representing five colleges and one university, were given the challenge of building an electric vehicle at the JCB headquarters in Staffordshire.

They were given a battery, four wheels and some electric motors.

They had to make a vehicle to climb a curved ramp made of peg board and the winner was the team able to travel the greatest distance.

Two teams from the Easton campus of Easton & Otley College were winners in both categories.

In the Level 3 competition, two students, Ike Neave and Harry Gillingwater built a self-named 'Torpedo 850' which climbed 1.76 metres. They also won the top prize for the best engineered vehicle and received £120 and 18v Bosch battery drills. The Level 2 students, Dean Revell and Kyle Green won the category two challenge as their 'car' climbed 1.2 metres. They won £60 and a Bosch electric screwdriver.

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Nick Armstrong, of the agricultural engineering department at Easton & Otley College, went to the event. 'It was a long and intensive day but our students really enjoyed the experience and learnt so much. The fact that they went toe to toe with other UK students and came out on top made our department and the college incredibly proud.'

Success - Craig Grant (Bosch), Dean Revell (Easton and Otley student), Richard Robinson (Autoguide) and Kyle Green (Easton and Otley student).