Seven survival tips for pub-goers heading out from April 12

Heading to the pub next week? Here are our top tips on staying warm and dry

Heading to the pub next week? Here are our top tips on staying warm and dry - Credit: Archant

Keys, wallet, mask, phone... umbrella hat.  

As Norfolk heads to the pub as lockdown restrictions are eased, drinkers might want to add a couple of items to their checklist to make sure they stay warm and dry while they sit outdoors.  

Here are our top tips for making the most of the pubs reopening.  

1. Thermals 

April is set to be dry but cold so adding an extra layer under your jeans will not go amiss.  

Shoppers can even pick them up via some of the non-essential retailers which will be open from April 12.  

Items can be found at a host of independent retailers such as Jarrold, Roys and Bakers and Larners.  

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2. Hot water bottle 

Simple but effective.  

Pack an empty hot water bottle in your bag before you head to the pub and keep warm all night.  

Pubgoers can even pick up electric hot water bottles so if they get too warm they can be switched off and turned back on later. 

3. Pain relief heat patches 

If a hot water bottle is too much of a commitment, heat patches which are usually used for muscle pain relief can provide some instant heat when applied directly to the skin.  

The patches take around 30 seconds to heat up and will stay warm for eight hours. 

4. Umbrella hat  

Although an umbrella might sound like a good idea, erecting one per person in a pub garden could cause some footfall congestion – even with two metres between tables. 

Adding some fetching headgear to your Friday night outfit will ensure you stay dry without getting in the way of other diners.  

And they’re cheap and stylish – you can buy one for as little as £3.  

Pubs across Norfolk will be open from Monday​​​​​​​

Pubs across Norfolk will be open from Monday - Credit: Archant

5. Waterproof food umbrella 

No one wants to eat a soggy plate of nachos.  

Although the public no longer have to eat a substantial meal with any drinks they order many will be making the most of a nice meal out.  

For those who might be served during an unexpected downpour, customers can pop a folding barrier over their meal. 

6. Waterproof poncho 

It may not be the most fashionable item – but it will do the job.  

This outerwear is the weight of a blanket to keep wearers warm while also still giving ease of access to a glass of wine.  

7. Heated seat pad 

There is nothing worse than seeing a sunny sky and sitting down on a bench covered in raindrops.  

And whether visitors are there for a quick drink or in it for a long night they do not want to be doing so with a pair of wet trousers or skirt.  

Heated seating pads can be picked up online. 

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