Refunds for scrapped events to be issued two months after cancellation

The Norfolk Christmas Party will pay its final refunds this week after cancelled events at The Boudi

The Norfolk Christmas Party will pay its final refunds this week after cancelled events at The Boudicca Hotel. Picture: Archant/Norfolk Christmas Party company - Credit: Archant/Norfolk Christmas Party

Customers of an events company which cancelled a series of parties will have their refunds this week – though some people did turn up for the abandoned occasions.

The Norfolk Christmas Party Company announced in late November it would be cancelling its events at the former Boudicca Hotel, set to take place throughout December and January.

MORE: Storm Ciara: Pubs suffer losses having cancelled Sunday lunch due to power cutsThe party company and the hotel are now in a legal dispute - each saying the other had left them out of pocket. The Norfolk Christmas Party Company alleges the marquee it was due to hire on the hotel's grounds was unfit for purpose due to health and safety concerns - which the hotel denies.

New management at the hotel - now Caistor Hall Hotel - said that around 30 people turned up for the events, unaware that they had been cancelled.

A spokesman at the hotel said: "We received around 30 visitors directly who were not aware of the situation. We at the hotel assisted where possible and advised that contact be made with the organiser for any further details."

Julia Pardoe, owner of the Norfolk Christmas Party company, said she emailed all of her customers.

"I emailed every customer and let them know, and posted everything on social media. There's only so much I can do," she said. "It might have gone into their junk email but there's nothing I can do to stop that."

Ms Pardoe also came under fire from customers for "hiding" and being "impossible to get hold of" when it came to refunds.

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However she has now confirmed that all refunds will be issued in five to seven working days.

Ms Pardoe could not confirm how many refunds had been made and how many would be returned in the final batch.

"It's taken this long because it's just been me working through them. The last batch of refunds I've just signed off, so now it's just a case of Eventbrite needing to process them. Obviously I don't know how long it'll take for it to land in people's accounts," she said.

"I just can't wait for it to be over - it's been a nightmare."