Nine of our favourite app ideas pitched at Sync The City

Sync The City. Picture: Tim Stephenson Photography

Sync The City. Picture: Tim Stephenson Photography - Credit: Tim Stephenson Photography

East Anglia's brightest digital sparks pitched their smartest ideas at Sync The City last night - here are nine of the best.

More than 40 of East Anglia's brightest sparks in the digital world took to the stage last night to pitch their ideas to delegates at Sync The City.

The enterprise competition, which sees 13 teams vie for the chance to be crowned winner and gain funding, kicked off at OPEN last night.

Of the initial 43 ideas given a one-minute pitch, 20 were narrowed down by team leaders before delegates chose the final 13.

From social enterprises to logistic support, here are some of the most imaginative ideas pitched at the event. What's your favourite?

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1. NonnaKnowHow

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This app would link up elderly people struggling with loneliness with younger people wanting to learn knew skills.

For example, millennials interested in anything from artisan cooking to knitting to woodwork would be connected with an older person looking to share their skills. The outcome would be reducing isolation and ensuring traditions are not lost.

2. 3D University Campus map

This is the second year the idea has been pitched, and would be sold to universities.

A 3D map shown on a phone would be linked up with the timetable of new or visiting students.

The map would plot the fastest routes between lectures, while showing an accurate representation of the campus.

3. Barcode Recycling

An app to allow users to scan the barcode of products, and receive information about which parts of the packaging can be recycled.

This would eradicate the issue of unnecessary items being put into landfill.


Very often shoppers will pop into a corner shop and find a sandwich sold twenty minutes ago reduced from £3 to 75p.

This website would alert people to when nearby shops are reducing items – thus saving consumers money, and cutting down on the amount of food waste supermarkets are creating.

5. Greater Anglia app

Greater Anglia frequently struggles with matching staff up to trains which they can operate – be it drivers or conductors – when delays cause disruption.

This app would allow logistical staff to get back on track by finding out where their closest teams are to operate the relevant train and get the network moving again.

6. One More?

This app would work by collaborating with bars and restaurants to create glasses with a microchip.

The app, downloaded on to a smartphone, would scan the chip and automatically update your phone with how many units of alcohol tje drinker has had.

By merely tapping a glass with their phone, drinkers could monitor their alcohol intake and ensure they know when it's time to head home.

7. Botanic gardens stress app

This immersive time-lapse app would help people to calm their stress by watching sped-up time lapses of botanical plants growing and moving.

The app would also feature music aimed at calming the mind.

8. Sharespace

Everyone has an old sofa or table they want to keep for a rainy day – but don't want to pay to store it.

Other people will have a spare room they want to make some money from, but don't want a tenant.

Sharespace combines the two by offering an Airbnb for storage, where people can leave items in storage without having to pay the premium for a facility.

9. Dinner decider

All couples will have faced the problem of deciding where to have for dinner, with each wanting to go somewhere else.

This app creates a game where the winner's choice is picked.

At Sync The City, this idea was combined with 'Tinder for Dinner' which will see users submit what sort of food they fancy to the app, and it will create recipes or a restaurant suggestion based on your input.

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