New age of UK trade is no better time to sharpen online presence

The Genesis PR Team. Picture: David Garrad

The Genesis PR Team. Picture: David Garrad - Credit: David Garrad

This week, Future50 firm Genesis PR is offering insight into how businesses can better market themselves in a new age of trade.

Brexit has hung over the economy for the past year, and with the government now having more decision-making power, Penny Arbuthnot - director of the PR and marketing firm - says now is the perfect time to bring your business presence up to scratch.

MORE: Your Own Place wins social investment to sustain its future"No matter what your politics are, the general election made a key PR point: that it's so important to have a clear message," Ms Arbuthnot said.

"When you think of the Conservative election campaign you remember 'Get Brexit done'. It's clear and showed an intention. Boris Johnson's message was clearer than Jeremy Corbyn's - and it paid off."

"It doesn't matter if you're an export business - Brexit will probably impact most companies in one way or another, so there's no better time than to sit down and look at your PR and marketing and make sure it has a clear and consistent message," she went on.

Ms Arbuthnot is co-founder of the Ipswich-based company.

She said: "When we talk to businesses we ask them who they are. What's their story? What are their values? When you think about businesses trading Brexit isn't as much of a concern - it's about people. It's about knowing whether or not their company can deliver and if you want to work with them."

Ms Arbuthnot also said that social media has contributing to blurring the lines between marketing and PR.

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"The two are becoming increasingly close and we're in that sweet spot," Ms Arbuthnot added. "You need to look at your presence as a whole, from social media to your website, what articles are in the press and any thought leadership pieces you might have written.

"It all needs to work together. It's not a case of a single flyer anymore, audiences need to be able to follow the thread."