National role for Crisp Malting boss Euan Macpherson

Euan Macpherson, managing director of award-winning firm Crisp Malting has been appointed chairman of the Maltsters Association of Great Britain.

Mr Macpherson stepped into the MAGB role following the Association's AGM in London on Tuesday.

'Given that Norfolk and the surrounding area produce what is probably the best malting barley in the world, it is great to have a Norfolk company represented at the top of the Association,' he said 'To provide a context, Crisp Malting in Great Ryburgh uses around 140,000 tonnes of local barley grown on thousands of acres of Norfolk farmland. It produces fantastic quality malt, which is sought after by distillers; by local micro brewers; by craft regional brewers; and indeed by brewers from around the globe.

'If my role as chairman does anything to put the spotlight on Norfolk farming, malting and brewing, this will be an added bonus to the other things I aim to achieve during my tenure.

'Malting forms the backbone of much of the farming and all of the brewing and distilling activity in this country, so the MAGB members have long been aware of their responsibilities in a wide economic context.

'At a time when the nation is in desperate need for positive stories from industry, the malting sector can be held up as a great example of British success. Members of the MAGB have shown unwavering support to Britain's farms, buying a considerable 1.8 million tonnes of barley a year from them. They have responded positively to the changing requirements of craft brewers, distillers and food and drink producers in the country at the same time as developing their export trade – which is of course is vital to the British economy.

'I'm taking on the role of chairman at an incredibly tough economic time, but it is an exciting challenge and I hope to help the organisation and its members continue on the path of success as well as to highlight the significant contribution they are already making.'