Mobile kit to showcase NFC system

Norfolk based Proxama has teamed up with MasterCard to produce a kit demonstrating how its pioneering 'mobile wallet' payment technology can revolutionise retailing.

The venture between the two sides has seen the production of a kit which will enable organisations to see for themselves how the technology which allows customers to pay for goods using their mobile phones using so-called NFC (near field communications) technology, actually works.

The MasterCard NFC mobile contactless payment reference kit, was launched yesterday at the Cartes conference in Paris.

The reference kit consists of a Samsung Galaxy S phone pre-installed with a special version of Proxama's NFC mobile wallet software, five card profiles each representing one of MasterCard's (including Maestro) most popular worldwide card products and MasterCard's terminal simulator software with a contactless card reader. It will be available for purchase by any MasterCard member or technology partner who wishes test the interaction between an NFC handset and a payment terminal

Neil Garner, chief executive of Proxama, which is based in Bank Plain in Norwich said the kit will : 'Everyone knows that NFC payments are coming but, up until now, have had no way of visualizing or testing it. With our unique kit, vendors and card issuers will now be able to see for themselves how NFC contactless payments will impact on their customers and what they will need to do to make the most of this new transactional interaction.

James Anderson, senior vice president of mobile and emerging payments, MasterCard, said: 'The reference kit that has been developed by Proxama is a valuable tool to support the testing and visualization of mobile payments solutions'.