'Ding-dong, real ale calling': Brewer delivers and cleans your doorbell

One of UK's youngest brewers Michael Green delivering real ale

One of the UK's youngest brewers, Michael Green, of Tindall Ales Brewery, Seething, delivering his tipples by hand together with assistant Will Cornish. - Credit: Archant

One of the UK's youngest brewers is delivering his tipples by hand across Norfolk after launching a 'ding-dong dash' service.

Young brewer Mike Green delivering real ale from Tindall Ales brewery

Mike Green and assistant Will Cornish, Tindall Ales brewery. - Credit: Archant

And in making it Covid safe, he assures each bottle of beer has only been handled by two people, himself and his assistant. Before ringing doorbells, he sanitises and then cleans the doorbell too before leaving.

One of UK's youngest brewers Michael Green gets ready for delivery

Ding-dong, real ale calling...young brewer Michael Green gets ready for his delivery. - Credit: Archant

Michael Green, 22, only brewed his first beer last year at the Tindall brewery at his family home in Seething, near Loddon. He took on the business after his father Allan retired in 2019.

Tindall Ales Brewery was named after Tindall wood, Ditchingham, where the family used to live before moving to Seething. The logo for the brewery is a bird in the wood.

UK young brewer Michael Green at Tindall Ales brewery

Inside the brewery: Michael Green and Will Cornish. - Credit: Archant

One of UK's youngest brewers Michael Green

Carrying on the family business: young brewer Michael Green. - Credit: Archant

But the young entrepreneur never anticipated Covid and has faced the challenge of making the business work in lockdown.

With a bit of ingenuity and innovation, he has found ways of getting the beer to people. The ales have won several awards over the years including first prize at the 2019 Norwich Beer Festival for the 'Ditchingham Dam' in the best bitter category.

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The new ding-dong dash service is available within a 15 mile radius and free for orders of more than £25. Meanwhile, Mr Green is also selling from the brewery gate adhering to Covid guidelines.

Mr Green has kept on his assistant Will Cornish who could not be furloughed because the application missed the HMRC registration date.

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"I get knocked down but I get up again and while I am a very determined and driven individual who really enjoys a challenge by no means did I expect or want a challenge this big. 

"‘Will joined me to help the business grow and achieve great things. This year should have been a big year for us with plans to produce lagers and lots of interesting craft beers whilst perfecting our traditional recipes. While we have been through setbacks we know that we will get there.

"We will put the name Tindall’s of Norfolk on the national brewing map even if it takes a little bit longer than we had hoped for."

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