‘It’s a hard life, but it’s a good life’: Lisa Angel on launching her business

Lisa Angel has said running her own business has allowed her family and her staff vital flexibility.

Lisa Angel has said running her own business has allowed her family and her staff vital flexibility. Picture: Archant - Credit: Archant

Lisa Angel is a brand that not only put food on the table for the founder’s family, but has offered inspiring careers to droves of Norfolk creatives.

The brand, launched by mother-of-two Lisa, has grown from a stall in Norwich city centre to two shops and stands in major retail hubs.

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But Ms Angel alongside husband David, and her team, have worked tirelessly to make the jewellery and accessories brand a success.

She said: “I was working in London as a designer and buyer for various high street chains. We came to Norfolk and I set up Lisa Angel and the jewellery sold really well. At first I just had a stand in Chapelfield - it was 2006 after it first opened so it felt like such a privilege to be part of this new part of the city.”

Over the next couple of years Ms Angel opened stores in Chapelfield as well as the Norwich lanes.

“At first we had people working from our home. I remember one Christmas we had 12 people working in the house. I went down for breakfast once and didn’t realise there was someone already in the house because they were concealed behind a pile of boxes, It’s a hard life but it’s a good life,” she said. “But we had a product which we knew would be a success.”

The Rackheath-based business owner said: “For us we work very flexibly. It does mean we can never switch off but it also means our children have a primary carer 90% of the time. If we need to go to a school concert in the middle of the afternoon we do – and our staff have the same flexibility.

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“It’s really lovely for us that we have a lot of people who work for us and then bring family members or partners into the business. It makes it feel like a real family and the benefit of being a small business is that we can offer them that flexibility.”

Having launched concessions in Topshop stores in Manchester, London and Norwich, Ms Angel has no plans to move operations.

“I love that we can provide people here with jobs where they can be creative and reactive,” she said.