John Deere moves flagship combines to Germany

John Deere S690i which is now being built in Germany.

John Deere S690i which is now being built in Germany. - Credit: Archant

Agricultural machinery specialist John Deere is to build its flagship combines in Germany.

The company's S-Series and the 'i' versions for the European and CIS markets are to be manufactured in Zweibrücken.

The move will include all the models within the S-Series, including the 540hp S680, 570hp S685, 617hp S690.

It follows the news that John Deere has now released its GoHarvest mobile phone app to help operators maximise their combine in the field.

Factory manager Ralf Gaa said: 'We already have 50 years of experience in combine production for European and overseas markets and have invested approximately 20 million euros in our assembly facilities, infrastructure and quality assurance.

'It is another milestone for Zweibrücken that we can now label the entire range of John Deere W-, T- and S-Series combines as 'Made in Germany'.

'By adding the biggest S-Series manufacturing to Zweibrücken, we can react better than ever to the growing demand for high-capacity rotary combines.'

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The news comes just months after the business received two innovation awards at the 2014 FIMA show in Zaragoza, Spain. The John Deere Hitch Assist system, which improves the speed of hitching trailers, picked up the innovation award, while its manure sensing system was championed in the technical innovation category.

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