Jamie Brown of Archant Local Impact: Making your website work for you

Jamie Brown, from the Archant learning and development team. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

Jamie Brown, from the Archant learning and development team. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2018

It might be an unpopular opinion, but you really do need a website, says Jamie Brown of Archant's Local Impact.

Often when speaking about digital I get asked the question 'Do I really need a website? Can't I just use Google listings and Facebook?' My answer is always the same and almost always unpopular.

I think that today a serious business needs a website.

MORE: In digital marketing, knowing your product is key A business does need Google listings and social media, don't get me wrong here. But when those platforms can change the way your business appears at a moment's notice you can't seriously rely on them to be your 'home' online.

Facebook changed its algorithm just over a year ago and the resulting change dented the visibility of small businesses that relied upon it as their only route to market.

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Getting a website for your business is easier than ever, I am tripping over ads all the time.

Businesses on TV, Youtube and social media are screaming at me to build my own website. The options are endless.

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Mention on a business chat room or forum that you want a website and I'm sure you will have many offers of help.

Here are few pointers:

• Know exactly what you want your website for before you ask for a quote/start building What do you want your potential customers to be able to do – buy online, book a test drive or reserve a table?

• Know exactly what you want the website to be found for,

It's easier (and cheaper) for a web designer to build a site with your industry, search terms, type of content in mind at the outset rather than have to change it or modify it after launch

• Mobile first

When looking at designs/layouts, look at the mobile view first… too many of your customers use a mobile phone for it not to be your 'default' view

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• Go Pro

If in any doubt go with a reputable web design agency who can show you a portfolio of work from businesses like you, some things just shouldn't be left in the hands of mates from the pub

We have some experience in this area; we've got quite good at making websites that work for businesses – websites that drive results.

If you want to know more, contact us on 03331 365390 or email hello@archantlocalimpact.co.uk

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