Jamie Brown of Archant Local Impact: In digital marketing, knowing your product is key

Jamie Brown from Archant Local Impact. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY.

Jamie Brown from Archant Local Impact. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY. - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2018

When it comes to digital marketing, the devil is often in the detail - so make sure you know what you are getting, says Jamie Brown of Archant's Local Impact.

Over the last few weeks this column has looked at the various stages of a marketing strategy.

It's gone from building awareness with your prospects to being found at the research or comparison stages through to the actual point of all this marketing effort: the conversion, or sale.

We have looked briefly at some really big subjects and mentioned products in passing that really do need explaining more thoroughly.

It is true that the devil is in the detail – there truly aren't short cuts to success. Marketing a business needs to be a well planned and thought-out affair, and to avoid it also being cripplingly expensive, a business must be able to understand which product might give the needed outcome.

It becomes even more tricky when you factor in the chaos that is people.

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People are active on social media in the evening, looking at purchases on a desktop computer during their lunch hour, and searching on their mobile phone while walking the high street.

Getting people (or potential customers) to your business can be like herding cats.

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Your potential customers are all over the place: gone are the days when ads in the Yellow Pages and local newspapers covered all bases, now your customers can be anywhere and looking for you at any time of day.

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Advertising success for a business now comes from understanding all of the platforms, methods and routes to your market.

Over the next couple of weeks we will look at the individual tools you can use in a little more detail.

We will have a look at display and brand building advertising, websites, PPC, SEO and social media in a little more detail.

Each week we will take a different group of products and highlight their strengths, the best way to use them and if you are interested we will point you to some useful content on our website for more help.

If you want to get started, and build the basis for a good marketing strategy you can start looking at an overview of marketing tools and purchase funnels

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