Engineering company celebrates 30 years of engineering excellence

Hydramec founder Peter Church working on a large piece of equipment

Hydramec founder Peter Church started out by repairing ships deck equipment and various other hydraulic repairs - Credit: Hydramec

A drive for continual development and a passion to support other local businesses has been integral to engineering company Hydramec's success. 

Founded in Great Yarmouth in 1990 by Peter Church, Hydramec started out by repairing ships deck equipment and various other hydraulic repairs. 

Six years later, Hydramec’s first Launch and Recovery System (LARS) was designed and built, and has continued to be the basis for all of Hydramec’s LARS. With the help of his wife Audrey and sons Nick and Danny, the family company continued to grow. 

In 2013, Hydramec was taken over by Danny and the company has expanded to become industry leaders in LARS, as well as being well known for creating bespoke designs.

Head and shoulders picture of Danny Church, owner of Hydramec

Danny Church has expanded Hydramec to become industry leaders in Launch and Recovery Systems - Credit: Hydramec

"Having started as a small business in Great Yarmouth and seeing our continual growth here, we understand the value in sourcing from local companies," said Mr Church. "We think it is important to use local suppliers where we can, from sourcing materials to website builders and printing services, all of which contribute to the development and growth of the area. 

"Although our work is spread across many countries, Great Yarmouth remains a core part of the business and the industry in the area continues to flourish." 

Over the years, Hydramec has not only grown in size but also its range of services. It is now able to offer full coded fabrication, offshore coatings, marine engineering and repair and maintenance, among many other things, all in house.

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"This allows us to have an even faster turn around and expand the products we are able to deliver to customers," said Mr Church.

"We have also been working towards expanding the business into other areas of the industry, including Ministry of Defence and the wind and renewables sector. Having already built multiple launch and recovery systems for the renewables industry, we are excited for what’s to come in the market. Especially if there is potential for this to expand to Great Yarmouth, this would be a really amazing opportunity for our company to delve into the market."

These past 30 years has been a great journey for Hydramec, and the business will continue to progress its knowledge and overall development to be able to give clients the most cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly products available.

"We are excited for the new developments in the area and hope to be able to offer our assistance where needed," concluded Mr Church. "Here’s to the next 30 years!"

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