Future 50: Studious to launch net-zero leadership course

cycling is part of the net zero vision

How can business lead the change to net-zero? The new course from Studious Digital Education will explain - Credit: Getty Images/Image Source

If your organisation is serious about doing its bit to battle climate change, you may want to sign up to a new course from Studious Digital Education.

“It's more than just a one-day workshop. This is spread over two years,” explains Dr Ivan Mitchell, one of the founders of Studious. “It's in-depth learning across business and management and leadership, with a theme of net-zero running through it.”


The Future 50 programme is supported by the partner businesses - Credit: Archant

Studious already has a portfolio of courses, covering everything from wellbeing and change management for business to employability and transitioning to university for students. These are delivered online and through its innovative Ryze app for mobiles and tablets. 

The new net-zero course is different in that it will also include elements of live online teaching and in-person sessions. "We're trying to offer the best platform, with academically rich content but matching that with leading specialists and experts from the practitioner field, also offering a personalised coaching element,” Dr Mitchell explains.

Ivan Mitchell of the UEA and Studious Digital Education

Dr Ivan Mitchell of Studious Digital Education - Credit: Studious

For this project, Studious has partnered with Estu, which creates large-scale bespoke learning and development programmes in the public and private sector. Founded by industry experts, it is driven by creating impact, with all Estu programmes and partnerships focused on delivering business results and personal growth.

Spring landscape with wind turbines behind canola field

A move to cleaner energy is part of the net-zero vision - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Estu Chief Exec Simon Littlewood commented “We have a strong alignment to the values of the Studious team. This partnership for our Net Zero programme means thousands of people will be able to use the best education platform to build their skills and careers while addressing the biggest issue facing all of us.”

“This course will cover everything from leadership and change to marketing and technology and innovation, as well as financing investment and risk, all with the net-zero theme,” says Dr Mitchell.

“We can tailor the programme to an organisation’s requirements to an extent," he adds. “It can take from 18 months upto two years - it's flexible to make sure it fits for the people working in corporations both for the learners and the organisations.

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“We’re still finalising the details, but the course will lead to a professionally accredited qualification,” he concludes. 

For further information, see www.studious.org.uk

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