Future 50: Roveel ready to resume face-to-face events

Roveel Sage plug-in on tablet, computer and mobile

Roveel not only makes insights easy to find but also makes them easy to access across a range of devices - Credit: Roveel

“We are quite excited to be back getting ready for Accountex Summit North, our first face-to-face exhibition since Covid hit, ” says Roveel CEO Mark Donaldson. 


The Future 50 programme is supported by the partner businesses - Credit: Archant

“People do business with people, so it will be nice to get back to seeing people... and also seeing some familiar faces,” he adds. “We work very closely with Sage because we integrate with their software. Their teams have been working at home – the same as us – so we haven’t seen them for almost two years.”

Roveel CEO Mark Donaldson

Mark Donaldson, CEO of Roveel - which became a Sage strategic partner in 2020 - Credit: Roveel

The Norwich-based tech firm had become a strategic partner for the accounting-software giant Sage in January 2020. “It's great that we did that deal just before the pandemic,” Mr Donaldson says. 

Roveel sales overview

Using data from Sage, Roveel can provide clear and insightful sales overviews - Credit: Roveel

Roveel customer information dashboard

Get easy access to customer information and actionable insight based on customer behaviour - Credit: Roveel

Roveel is a dashboard reporting software that allows businesses to rapidly identify trends, turning raw data from Sage into actionable insights, presented in a vibrant and easy-to-use way. As well as its cloud-based out-of-the-box application, the Future 50 company offers a custom service, building specific dashboards tailored for their business.

“Every business wants to focus on their sales, profit and cash. Those are the main three things we will help them understand better,” says Mr Donaldson. “There are lots of other things, but they're always the things that resonate.”

Roveel monthly profit and loss dashboard

Stay on top of monthly P&L with the easy-to-use Roveel dashboard - Credit: Roveel

While Roveel has continued to grow through the pandemic, Mr Donaldson believes it can only benefit from a return to face-to-face events. “These are all about raising our profile. We used to go out on Sage roadshows before lockdown,” he says. “Face to face, we can demonstrate the software and help people see how to get the best from it.” 

Roveel is also expanding its services. “We're starting some development for Sage Business Cloud,” reveals Mr Donaldoson. “We’re also working on something for Sage 200 which is for the larger businesses. Those two projects are very exciting.”

For more information, see www.roveel.com

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