Future 50: Rapidly expanding Halo to take over local landmark office site

Bosch building to be taken over by Halo Service Solutions

Moving into the Bosch building will provide Halo with the space needed by the rapidly expanding company Picture: GOOGLEMAPS - Credit: Archant

Stowmarket-based Halo Service Solutions is moving into the old Bosch building – with space to recruit more graduates.


The Future 50 programme is supported by the partner businesses - Credit: Archant

“This year alone we, if we keep going at the same rate as the past few months, we should see 100% growth. The business will be double what it was at the start of the year,” says Halo Service Solutions director Tom Petley.

Halo Service Solutions director Tom Petley

Halo director Tom Petley says recruiting the right calibre of graduate is the company's number-one priority as it grows - Credit: Halo

The Stowmarket-based Future 50 company produces a trio of software platforms: ITSM, for the IT market; PSA for managed-service providers; and Service Desk, to allow teams to plan, track and manage work.

HaloITSM specialist IT software

HaloITSM is dedicated to the IT sector, highly configurable and delivering huge functionality - Credit: Halo

Around half of Halo’s customers are in the UK, but the rest are worldwide. The company has satellite offices in America and Australia - not only providing global 24-hour coverage for its systems but also growing in their own right.

“The products are really good – now it’s down to us to grow it,” Mr Petley explains. “There’s a lot of consultancy involved, so we need bright people to nurture the process and understand the customers’ requirements.

“By the end of the summer, we’ll be around 52 strong,” he says. “The plan is that in three to four years, we’ll be around 100 people.”

Halo project report

Halo reports are clear, aiding project management for teams - Credit: Halo

To accommodate this expansion, Halo is moving into the offices on Gipping Way recently vacated by Bosch. “We're not going to fill it all from day one, but it's going to give us space to grow into,” says Mr Petley. 

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"When we started, everyone was a developer - whereas now probably only one in 10 of the people we hire is a developer,” he adds. "People with customer-facing skills and product-management type skills are in demand as we grow. 

“Our number one priority is to recruit the right people. Because if you have the right people, everything else just falls into place,” Mr Petley concludes. “At the moment, people find us almost by accident - but we want great people to know that, after they graduate, there’s this brilliant company just down the road.”

For more information, see www.haloservicesolutions.com

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