Future 50: GoWash launches fleet service

GoWash payment app

The GoWash app allows drivers to book and pay for car washing through their phones - Credit: GoWash

Companies concerned about keeping vehicles looking good can now use the GoWash app’s new fleet account feature – controlling cost, keeping track of how often vehicles are washed and making the process simple and easy to manage. 


The Future 50 programme is supported by the partner businesses - Credit: Archant

This goes hand-in-hand with the rapid expansion in the number of hand car-wash sites signed up to use the app, which allows people to use their phones to book and pay for a car wash.  

“At the start of the year, we had 200 sites. When the next agreement is signed, will have access to another 400,” says GoWash MD Jonny Billing.  

GoWash cashless payment app founder Jonny Billings

GoWash founder Jonny Billings aims to bring cashless payments to the hand car-wash market - Credit: GoWash

GoWash is now working with Car Park Valeting, which has 120 sites in Morrison’s, Sainsbury’s and Asda. Paperwork is being finalised to work with another firm that has 280 sites in another major supermarket. “They’re all franchises, so we have to work our way through setting the sites live, which is great,” says Mr Billing.  

“We’re doing deals with other nationwide companies and some integration work with people like the Car Wash Company, which runs 50 sites in shopping centres – including the one in Chapelfield - so their customers will be able to pay using the app,” Mr Billing reveals.  

The more sites that use GoWash, the stronger the app becomes – and as well as working with more companies, the ones already on board are growing. “CPV has aspirations to double its number of sites in the next two-to-three years,” Mr Billing says. “They’ve said new sites will have to come straight onto the app. 

“It’s already working as a partnership,” he adds, explaining how his discussions about the fleet account with a council showed it needed a reliable location for its vehicles to be cleaned. “I took it to CPV and said, why not open a site nearby as we know we have a customer ready to use it. 

“We’re confident the fleet account could be a substantial part of our business,” Mr Billing concludes.  

For more information, see https://gowash.co.uk 

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