Firm going global with US contract

A fast growing customer feedback company has 'launched' in the US after winning its first contract in the country.

ServiceTick, based in Norwich, is to provide a customer feedback service for global insurers Hiscox in the US.

The firm, founded just three years ago, has already been providing a similar service to the firm's UK business, Hiscox Direct, for more than two years.

It comes as the business, which has aims of turning over �3m by the end of 2011, launches a new tool which will let businesses record and then replay customer activity on websites.

Founder and managing director Kevin Goodings said: 'For us this is the ultimate accolade; a customer that has had such a positive experience with us that we are being adopted by their international operations.

'We are very excited about ServiceTick's effective launch in USA. We had always planned to move our products across to America where we have identified a definite market opportunity.

'To be able to launch with one of our longest-standing customers is the icing on the cake.'

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The firm, a member of the EDP's Future 50 class of 2010, specialises in customer feedback from call centre and online channels, including (IVR) surveys, email and web surveys.

Hiscox's US 'direct to small business' insurance offering will initially be using ServiceTick's IVR surveys to monitor customer feedback through their call centre operation in Virgina Beach, VA.

ServiceTick's US launch coincides with the release of its SessionCam 2.0 web session record and replay technology in the UK.

It is a new version of its SessionCam tool, which lets companies see what their customers are doing on their website by recording and analysing site activity, looking at online behaviour and useability issues and sending out alerts when performance drops.

Mr Goodings said: 'For the first time web visitors can be recorded interacting with dynamic content such as text and image replacement, tooltips, navigational drop-downs, carousels, lightboxes, animated effects, drag and drop and multiple Document Object Model changes on the same page.'

ServiceTick was launched in 2007 and matched its sales for the whole of 2009 in the first six months of 2010.

Mr Goodings set up the business after finding that existing customer feedback tools measured performance either from a company perspective or using snapshot surveys.

The firm, based in Thorpe Road, has this year won a string of contracts with major firms including insurance giants Aviva and Carol Nash as well as Capita.

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