No more weak cuppas: App directs you to best brews in town

Shoppers out and about in the city centre will be able to find the best brews in town on Find My Tea

Shoppers out and about in the city centre will be able to find the best brews in town on Find My Tea - Credit: Archant

A new app highlighting the best places to buy a brew has been launched by a Norwich tech entrepreneur. 

Paul Grenyer has launched Find My Tea, an app where users will be able to find nearby cafes with their hygiene ratings and the brand of tea they use. 

Launching initially in his home city, he plans to rollout the app's coverage to Ipswich next and Essex and East Midlands areas in the future.

Mr Grenyer began working on the solution a year ago when visiting London as part of his role for fellow Norfolk tech start-up, Snoop. 

The Find My Tea app

The Find My Tea app - Credit: Archant

Mr Grenyer said: "I was at Waterloo Station wandering up and down the concourse trying to find a decent cuppa. There's a brand in particular I really like but nowhere seemed to have it and I didn't want to spend money on a rubbish cup of tea. 

"I work for Snoop and had previously only worked with Java doing more of the back-end stuff. But Snoop use dotnet so I wanted to find a project where I could start experimenting with that software.

"I just put the two together and decided to create this app in my spare time.

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"It's been a learning curve - the biggest challenge has been finding the time to work on the venture in between working a full-time contract. Learning the new script was absolutely fine but another issue was trying to modify it for both Apple and Google-backed technology which was also very time consuming."

Currently the app displays contact and social media information as well as data on hygiene rating, with cafes asked to submit their own details on what brands they carry. 

"A lot of drinks brands can't share with me where their products are stocked so we had to pivot slightly from the brand information plan. However, food hygiene ratings are and they're updated nightly. So the software goes through that and updates it on the app. 

"The next stage is getting cafes themselves to submit what they stock - and even potentially asking users to submit that data. I'll also be going to wholesalers to see if they can give me some of that information." 

Currently around 40 people use the app - but Mr Grenyer hopes to double this as the high street reopens. 

Using the Find My Tea app

Using the Find My Tea app - Credit: Archant

"People at the moment aren't really out and about - but that will change. We'll also have a lot of tourists coming to the area who will be after this kind of information so we're hoping to see some uptake through word of mouth," he added. 

And the experiment has proven to be more than just a learning opportunity, but a necessary distraction and even potential earning stream in the future. 

Paul Greyner, founder of Find My Tea

Paul Grenyer - Credit: Archant

"I get bored quickly so this has been great to help combat that. But I can see down the line - maybe not in five or even ten years time - me working on this for a job. The main issue will be getting investment for the infrastructure to support more users but also monetising the platform. 

"I can do that in three ways - advertising, but that depends on the volume of users, promoting certain cafes on the platform, and sharing the insight gleaned via the app to marketing agencies." 

Find My Tea can be found both in the Apple and Android app stores. 

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