Exports up in the Eastern region

Exports from companies in the East of England have yet again topped the �25bn mark in the last year, with the region accounting for almost one pound in every ten of what the UK sells to the rest of the world, according to new statistics released by HM Revenue & Customs.

In the twelve months to the end of September, exports from the East of England reached �26.56bn, an increase of 20pc against the year to the end of September 2010. Exports to the European Union rose by 28pc over the same period – to �16.96bn – with only London showing a faster rate of increase.

The figures also reveal big year-on-year rises in exports to Eastern European countries outside the EU (up over 80pc to �702m), Latin America (up 22pc to �386m) and Asia and Oceania, which saw an increase of 13pc to �3.17bn.

Liz Basing, UKTI's International Trade Director for the region, said: 'Closest to home, the East of England is out-performing every region outside London in trade growth with the European Union. On the other side of the world, we have never exported so much to the fast-growing economies of Asia.

'But the reality is that not enough SMEs export their products and many of our smaller firms are missing out. Many more SMEs can be part of this growth story and could be looking overseas for new business opportunities. There is a whole world out there.'

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