Ex-BHS owner Sir Philip Green in Greek island clash with TV news team

British Home Stores as thousands of workers have been given a stay of execution after it emerged tha

British Home Stores as thousands of workers have been given a stay of execution after it emerged that the department store chain's remaining 57 shops will be kept open longer than planned. Administrators to the retailer had put a deadline of August 20 for all outlets to close, but this has been provisionally extended to August 28, although it is possible that this date could also be pushed out. Picture: Lauren Hurley/PA Wire - Credit: PA

Billionaire tycoon Sir Philip Green was involved in a heated clash with a television news team when they tried to question him about the collapse of BHS.

Sky News said Sir Philip lunged at the camera before being heard to swear when confronted by reporter David Bowden on the Greek island of Ithaca.

As the TV crew approached him on the harbourside, close to where his £100m superyacht Lionheart was moored, he told them: 'I'm going to call the police if you don't go away.'

Bowden had been attempting to ask him why he was holidaying in luxury as the last BHS high street stores closed down leaving workers facing an enormous pension deficit.

Dressed in a T-shirt and shorts, Sir Philip was shown saying: 'Will you go away? Which bit are you not understanding? Go away.'

He then moved close to the camera.

Bowden reported that the men later 'calmly' shook hands.

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Sir Philip has borne the brunt of the public fallout from the collapse of BHS, with caused the loss of 11,000 jobs.

MPs branded him 'the unacceptable face of capitalism' in a scathing review of the high street disaster amid calls for him to lose his knighthood.

The Arcadia supremo, whose empire includes Topshop, owned BHS for 15 years before selling it to serial bankrupt Dominic Chappell for £1 in 2015.

Sir Philip has come under fire for taking more than £400m in dividends from the department store chain, leaving it with a £571m pension deficit, and for selling it to a man with no retail experience.

The administrators have already overseen 106 store closures over recent weeks, with the latest being BHS's flagship Oxford Street outlet.