Meet the company which grew from £100 to supplying Snoop Dogg, Coldplay and NASA

Mark Brown of Editor's Keys. Inset: Snoop Dogg at Radio 1's big weekend wearing a Norwich City shirt

Mark Brown of Editor's Keys. Inset: Snoop Dogg at Radio 1's big weekend wearing a Norwich City shirt. Pictures: Editor's Keys/Paul Bayfield - Credit: Editor's Keys/Paul Bayfield

A Norfolk-born business has revealed its A-list customer base, with the likes of Coldplay and Snoop Dogg buying its products.

An invention that has revolutionised the way the world's biggest recording stars work was dreamt up in a back bedroom in Great Yarmouth.

Rapper Snoop Dogg and rock band Coldplay are among the stars who use technology produced by Editor's Keys founded by Mark Brown in 2005.

Mr Brown's invention allows musicians the ability to cut and produce their music far quicker than traditional methods.

But it is not just rock stars who swear by Mr Brown's clever keyboards - but astronauts as well.

MORE: The Iron House launches 20% off deal with The Maddermarket Theatre The company was launched by Mr Brown and a friend after he went searching for an editing key board to help him cut and stitch video content together more easily.

He said: "I needed an editing key board but I was surprised by how expensive it was at £500. So we started contacting companies to see if they would supply us with stickers so that we could make our own editing keyboard, just by sticking shortcut stickers onto a regular key board."

The pair originally made 100 keyboards and invested £100, keeping a couple of themselves and selling the rest on eBay.

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"They sold out straight away," he said. "So we just kept going. Pretty early on we got a call from NASA saying they wanted ten custom keyboards with shortcuts specific to their software."

The team of three now supply video editing keyboards to the likes of the BBC and ITV, turning over in excess of £700,000.

Mr Brown explained: "Obviously you have a regular keyboard for when you're typing, but as soon as you open editing software the shortcuts kick in so you don't have to use your mouse. It speeds up your workflow."

He went on: "We got a call from NASA fairly early on saying they wanted some customised keyboards. We also got a call from Coldplay's producer who uses our equipment for music editing. And then Snoop Dogg did a tour of his studio with an American magazine and said our keyboard was one of his favourite pieces of equipment. It was pretty cool to see pictures of Snoop Dogg using our keyboard - and we didn't even know until someone called us about it."

Mr Brown and his team are currently based in Manchester's media city so as to be closer to clients.

"We have talked about moving back to Norwich," Mr Brown said. "We just need to follow the newsrooms for the time being."