Digi-tech forum carries on Norfolk’s innovative traditions

Huw Sayer, new organiser at digi-tech forum Hot Source in Norwich.

Huw Sayer, new organiser at digi-tech forum Hot Source in Norwich.

An innovation forum in Norwich for the region's creative and digital thinkers is working to bring technology and business closer together and support new areas of growth, according to its newest organiser.

Huw Sayer, pictured, co-director of communications consultancy Business Writers Ltd, said digi-tech group Hot Source aimed to spark ideas as part of a long history of non-conformism in the business and creative sectors in Norwich.

Set up in 2010, Hot Source complements groups such as SyncNorwich and NorDevCon with a particular focus on the future of the sector in East Anglia, said Mr Sayer.

'Hot Source is about where it's all going,' he said. 'It exists partly so people in business see the need, and the how, for talking to people in technology.'

A particular area of growth which was exciting Hot Source was the video gaming sector, which was combining creative skill with technical expertise, said Mr Sayer.

The games developers sector was strong in Norwich, he added, with huge potential future growth that could see the city maintain its recently won accolade of a top 15 'Tech City' in the UK.

'These are the rock stars of the future,' said Mr Sayer. 'I'd really like to see more students become involved with Hot Source as well, to continue Norfolk's history of pushing the boundaries.'

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With a tradition of new strategies in banking, weaving and regional media, Norwich should continue to lead as a city doing things differently in the business and creative sectors, he said.

Meanwhile Norfolk's other strongest business areas, such as digital marketing, the telecoms sector and companies dealing with 'big data', needed to be linked more closely to the technology they depend on, said Mr Sayer.

'All of these rely on the people who know how to build the bit, the technology, that goes underneath,' he said.

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