“Positive vibes in the heart of Norfolk”- Dereham Market recognised in Market Times

CC Wells market stall in Dereham's town centre. Picture: Ian Burt

CC Wells market stall in Dereham's town centre. Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: Ian Burt

Hundreds of years ago, Dereham Market would serve local residents with important items from cattle to other traditional goods.

Many years later and the market's importance to the town is still being recognised, with a recent Market Times magazine feature declaring that the market offers 'positive vibes in the heart of Norfolk.'

This comes after Dereham Town Council's efforts to improve the market by setting up a Facebook page to promote deals, offering discounted rates for new traders and making attempts to improve its attractiveness.

Councillor Philip Duigan has been involved with this work and said: 'I think it's very important that we keep the market going. We like to support it as it does a lot for the town.

'It gives local people more option with things like fruit and vegetables and fish. Dereham is known as a market town and we want more traders to come and use it to promote and sell their own goods.'

The discounted rates for new traders after their first four weeks has seen trade actively being maintained, while the Dereham Market Facebook page has attracted 971 likes.

The magazine feature, which reads: 'Dereham may not be the showstopper it once was, but this flourishing Norfolk market can still pack a punch.' was included in the August issue.

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It includes interviews with local stall holders Paul Chapman, who sells plants and flowers, Tony Draper, who sells menswear, Debbie Ithell, who runs Debz Bagz and Thomas Monument, who has recently set up a coffee stall.

The town council manages the twice weekly market and set up the Facebook page back in 2015 to update social media users of the latest deals.

The market continues to serve as a provider of essentials like fruit and vegetables and offers an alternative to the large chain supermakets.

It is hoped that the discounted rates will allow more traders to set up and stay at the market for long periods of time.

Mr Duigan added: 'Nationally, markets have been in decline. I think for some people it is a great way to market their own stuff to the public.'

Dereham Market operates on Tuesdays and Fridays and offers a wide range of goods.

For more information visit the Dereham Market Facebook page.