Derby day rivalry for Hellesdon couple

Three-month-old Felix Holland will be getting his first taste of the cross-border rivalry which divides his Hellesdon parents tonight.

The wedding of Ashley and Lucy Holland, pictured right, now 28 and 26, at St Catherine's Church on Aylsham Road, Norwich was reported on in the Evening News in August 2009. The bride turned up to the church on a tractor with blue and white ribbons to make clear her love of Ipswich Town. Their wedding cake had the groom wearing a Norwich City scarf and the bride wearing a Town scarf, and tables at their reception in Swanton Morley were even named after players from both teams.

However, both will be at home looking after their young son, pictured, tonight – who spent the first month of his life in intensive care because of a hole in his lung, although he has now recovered – trying to sway his affections towards their favourite team. Lucy said: 'We had agreed that if we had a boy they would be a Norwich fan and if it was a girl an Ipswich fan. When we had a boy that all went out the window though.

'After Friday night's home game against Nottingham Forest Ashley came home with a club shop bag and I wondered what he was up to. Then I go into Felix's room and he had dressed him in a full Norwich kit! He's seeing more yellow and green than anything at the moment, and his grandad brought him a little canary toy when he was intensive care after he was born as well, so I'm getting a bit worried he's going to be a Norwich fan!'