Norfolk Business Awards 2020: Changing Lives Special Recognition Award recipients

Four people in a warehouse wearing face visors

Panel Graphic staff wearing their face visors - Credit: Panel Graphic

Four businesses have been announced as the recipients of the Changing Lives Special Recognition Award at the Norfolk Business Awards 2020. The award, which is sponsored by Norwich Research Park, recognises businesses that have adapted and put the community first in the fight against Covid-19.

Panel Graphic 
Following agreement of a design for face shields, within two weeks production was at 10,000 per day, leading to Panel Graphic becoming the UK’s largest producer of face shields. 
With all 40 staff working on the project, including many unpaid additional hours, and supplemented by 160 volunteers from the community, production moved to a 24-hour shift system. 
The shields were supplied at no-profit, and with additional support from the Norfolk Masonic Charities Committee thousands were also donated to the local community.  
“By accepting this award I can formally thank every team member, contributor and volunteer and confirm ‘we did the right thing’,” said Steve Earl, managing director. “It also sends a signal to other businesses that in times of need, they can do the same. Proud beyond words.”

Iceni Diagnostics is beginning development of a coronavirus test. Pictured is chief executive Profes

Iceni Diagnostics is working on a point-of-care coronavirus test which can detect the virus within 15 minutes - Credit: Iceni Diagnostics

Iceni Diagnostics  
Iceni Diagnostics stopped all ongoing projects to focus on delivering a point-of-care coronavirus test which can detect coronavirus within 15 minutes from a non-invasive sample. 
Not only could it be used as a clinical diagnostic, it can also be used to ensure safe return to work or leisure activities. 
“We are genuinely delighted and honoured to have received this award,” said Dr Berwyn Clarke, executive chairman. “We would like to thank everyone who voted for us, the judges who made the process hugely enjoyable and, most importantly, all the staff and service providers who have helped the company to progress to where it is today. 
“The award reflects the level of innovation in the business and the ability to quickly pivot to address one of the most serious issues to confront our health needs in recent years.”

Kelly Cartwright standing in the hospital during a mask face fit session

Kelly Cartwright face fit testing at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital - Credit: Jark Norfolk

Jark Norfolk
The construction industry routinely uses masks properly fitted to individual’s faces to protect workers from harmful dusts, and Jark Norfolk managing director Kelly Cartwright used her face fitting training to help those working on the front-line of Covid care.  
This involved Kelly increasing her own risk in working to help those who were themselves at the highest risk in caring for the sick.    
“To be able to ‘carry the torch’ of all the amazing businesses, who sacrificed, who supported, who pivoted, to help our local community through the pandemic is an honour,” said Kelly. “In my eyes, it wasn’t about receiving the award, it was about standing together, stronger, when we needed to the most. 
“I am so proud of each and every one of the individuals within this category for everything they have done throughout the pandemic.”

Norwich Community Sports Foundation Staff and participants in a wheelchair football team cheering

Norwich Community Sports Foundation’s vision is: Working to support, inspire, and improve our community - Credit: CSF

Norwich City Football Club & Community Sports Foundation  
A fund of £200,000 was raised to support vulnerable people and charitable organisations which were impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. 
A group was also quickly formed with three objectives: support fans and undertake community engagement initiatives, support the most vulnerable by working with charities and the community, and support NHS and care workers.  
“We are absolutely delighted to have been selected to receive this award,” said Zoe Ward, business and project director. “It will mean so much to the 100-plus staff members across NCFC and CSF who each played a part in this rewarding project.”

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