Can today’s businesses learn leadership lessons from Lord Nelson?

The Royal Navy Museum's official portrait of Admiral Lord Nelson which is considered to be the best

The Royal Navy Museum's official portrait of Admiral Lord Nelson which is considered to be the best likeness of the great man and is typical in it's view of him from his left side. - Credit: PA

The leadership approach of Lord Nelson and what it can teach businesses today comes under the spotlight at an event in Norwich on Wednesday.

Businessman Nigel Cushion, chairman of nelsonspirit, a Norfolk-based enterprise inspired by the spirit of Horatio Nelson which supports, encourages and develops the leaders of today and the leaders of tomorrow is presenting the free talk at the Forum at 6pm.

He will explore Nelson's unique leadership approach and challenge business and community leaders to see what they can learn from it.

He said: 'After studying leadership, teaching leadership and trying to be a voluntary and business leader over 35 years, including reading hundreds of books on the subject – I was delighted to find that our local hero had a magical and powerful approach to the subject – and something he can teach leaders in the modern world.

'What can today's Norfolk leaders and young people learn from a great leader of the past? Why did his men follow him and love him so much? What was the magic he had? How can we inspire young people – Norfolk's leaders of tomorrow?

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'Much has been talked about Nelson's public, private and professional life but there has been not so much exploration of his special leadership approach.'

The talk part of a high profile summer exhibition about Nelson, which includes the launch of a free app called Discover Nelson's Norfolk.

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