Birketts enters top 100 law firm after revenue rise

Law firm Birketts saw its revenues rise to close to �24m last year - entering the profession's top 100 in the UK for the first time.

Birketts said it was ahead of its targets by 'several hundred thousands' in the financial year to 31 May.

The increase sees Birketts climb 21 places in the ranking of the country's top law firms by income to 91st place.

The results also follow Birketts' merger with Wollastons, a firm of Essex solicitors, in September last year.

Birketts' chief executive Alistair Lang said: 'To reach our highest-ever target in excess of �23m of sales would have been good, but to beat it by several hundred thousand pounds to almost �24m is a great achievement by all involved.

'All offices have been able to build a good momentum during the year, particularly with the new Chelmsford team settling and delivering the goods. 'Generally this growth in fee income is the result of increased market share rather than a general uplift in the economy, with a number of sectors remaining challenging in terms of activity.

'The range of legal services provided and the broad base of skills in the firm have helped us enormously in the face of a sluggish market place.'

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Mr Lang attributed the growth to a number of factors, including the 'maturing' of the firm's Cambridge operation, three years after opening a new office in the city.

He added: 'We've seen a very strong year in our Norwich corporate office - Adrian Possener's team have had an exceptional year.

'The property sector across the business is fairly flat - with the exception of our Cambridge office. Going back to our Norwich office, the private client world has been very good to us in Norfolk and beyond.

'Employment (law) is growing, but it hasn't been as fast growth this year as in previous years, and it's difficult to determine the reason. But we're still doing well.

'The final real growth note has been our shipping litigation team based in Ipswich, which has had a very good year.'

But Mr Lang said the uncertain economic outlook meant that many businesses were sitting on their hands.

'I think the outlook is pretty patchy. I've always been a glass two-thirds full man, and at the moment my glass is only half full,' he said.

Mr Lang added that there were changes ahead for the profession as a whole.

'I think there challenges ahead because there are changes in the way legal services are being delivered and those will gather momentum,' he said.

'We have a clear vision of where we want to go. But it's going to be a turbulent time in the sector as people jostle for market position.'

Birketts have offices in four regional centres, Ipswich, Cambridge, Norwich and Chelmsford with a staff of 390 and 54 partners.